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FSC Certified Shutters

Sustainable FSC shutters

British Shutters are one of only a handful of companies worldwide to sell a plantation shutter that is fully FSC certified. This means the manufacturing facility has been fully investigated by the Forest Stewardship Council, the industry leading body which exists to ensure that wood harvested in the world’s forests is done so in a sustainable and ethical manner.

What does this actually mean for your shutters?

Well, think about it. There is a large industry where trees are cut down illegally. Forests are cleared and left barren – the ground not treated properly and no seedlings planted to replenish the trees cut down. Not good for the land and not good for environment at all.

Much of this illegally harvested wood is sold on the black market and finds it’s way into the supply chain. It often ends up in furniture manufacture, including wooden plantation shutters.

The FSC logo gives you piece of mind that British Shutters are made using only legally harvested wood, from sustainable forests. We can therefore show the ‘FSC Tick’ on our shutters, to verify they have full FSC certification.

So – you sleep well knowing your shutters didn’t cost the earth. In more ways than one!